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Sponsoring our shelter pets with monthly donations to Lone Star Sanctuary for Animals helps us pay for medical expenses, housing, food, and the overall care of our most needful animal residents. We rely solely on donations, grants, bequests, and fundraising events to further our mission of Saving and Changing Lives. As a legitimate no-kill facility, the pets of Lone Star Sanctuary for Animals remain in our care until they find their Forever Home.  
Meet Charlotte
Charlotte is a shepherd dog who has lived at Lone Star Sanctuary for Animals since she was just one year old. As a puppy, she survived Distemper, but has suffered some neurological damage as a result. She has also recently undergone two ACL surgeries, so she really has been through a lot! She takes a long, long time to trust people, so she is a bit of a loner, but she loves treats and playing with her toys.
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Meet Erra
Erra is a four-year-old calico who presides over the Cat Sanctuary from the highest place she can find. She's been a resident at Lone Star Sanctuary for Animals for over two years. She loves climbing and sneaking around the rafters. She has trouble with her kidneys though, and has special food and medicine that she will need for the rest of her life.
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Meet Dolly
Dolly is a seven-year-old lab who's been living with us at Lone Star Sanctuary for Animals since 2015. She is a very loving girl who is sweet and loves to play, but she's very shy around people whom she doesn't know well. She has a thyroid condition, for which she has to take daily medicine.
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