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Adoption Programs  
Forget Me Not
It's hard to say why some animals are adopted quickly, while for others getting adopted can take years. It could be they're the wrong color, the wrong age, that they're too shy to make a good first impression, or they just need a little extra time and patience to come around. In our experience, once our long-term residents find their forever homes, they will truly blossom. Many of these animals just need an adopter with a little patience and understanding.They have the potential to make a great family pet when someone just gives them a chance.

We know how special these animals are and once you meet them you will too. Perhaps one of these long-term residents is right for you?
The required adoption donation for select animals that have been at the shelter 6 months or longer.

If you are interested in adopting a long-term resident, please come to the shelter and look for the Forget Me Not signs on select animal's kennels. Our shelter staff is very knowledgeable about our animals, and can help answer any questions you might have.
The Buddy System
Often two animals from the same household arrive together, or two animals find their best friend at the shelter. Either way, they'd prefer to go to their new home together. To encourage this, there is only one adoption donation required for the two buddies. Please inquire with the shelter staff to see if we have any bonded pairs available for adoption.
Seniors for Seniors
Our Seniors For Seniors program can help bring a wonderful pet and companion into your home. Senior humans can adopt a senior animal for a $50.00 adoption donation.
For this program, seniors are defined as:
  • People over the age of 62 years
  • Dogs and cats 8 years or older
Pets for Veterans
Our Pets for Veterans program can help bring a wonderful pet and companion into your home. Veterans can adopt an animal for a $50.00 adoption donation.
For this program:
  • Proof of service, such as a military ID, is required for adoption
  • Any dog or cat qualifies for adoption
Shelter Birthday Adoptions
Help a shelter pet celebrate their birthday wish of finding a forever home come true! The adoption donation for pets during their birth month is only $50.00!
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