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1. I found a stray dog/cat. What do I do?


The best thing to do is take the animal in to any veterinary clinic or shelter and have it scanned for a microchip. If the animal is chipped you can then start the process of locating the owner. If the animal is not chipped, you can post pictures of the animal on the Facebook pages "Pets Around Midland" and "PetSpotters". You can also place a found animal ad in the Midland Reporter Telegram. Posting flyers around the neighborhood where the animal was found is also a very good idea. Click here to download our Rescue List of local rescue resources.


2. My animal is missing. What can I do?


If your animal is microchipped, start by calling the microchip company and issuing a missing pet alert. This will also help to verify that all your information is up to date should someone find your pet. You can also post pictures on the Facebook Pages "Pets Around Midland" and "PetSpotters". You can hang flyers in veterinary clinics and local shelters with your pets pictures. Lastly, make sure you check with the local shelters to see if your pet has been brought in. Many people will call the shelters, but the best thing to do is actually go to the shelters each day and walk through so you can see if your pet is there. Click here to download our Rescue List of local rescue resources.


3. How can I surrender an animal to your sanctuary?


If you need to surrender an animal please call the sanctuary at 432-683-7387 and speak with one of our caretakers. Our ability to take in animals is dependent on our available space at the time as we are a Forever-Home, legitimate no-kill facility. If we are able to take your animal in and you are surrendering the animal, we do ask that you bring any records you have at the time of surrender. A $50 donation is required for dogs and a $40 donation for cats to help with vaccinations. If you adopted the animal from another shelter, we ask that you return to animal to that organization.


4. I found a bird/squirrel/ferret, etc. Do you accept wildlife, large animals (such as horses, pigs, etc.) and exotics?


At this time our sanctuary only cares for dogs and cats. You can contact A to Z Veterinary Hospital at 432-520-8387 or Midland Animal Services at

432-685-7420 for any other types of animals.

5. I need to return an animal that was adopted from your sanctuary. What is the process?

First we ask that you call us at 432-683-7387. It is our policy to take back any animal that is adopted from us for any reason. We also ask that if you return an animal you be sure to bring in all the paperwork you were given at the time of adoption, and any new records you may have.

6. I need to have my pet spayed or neutered. Can I bring them to you?

No. We do not have a vet on staff at the shelter. You can call any of the local veterinarians and schedule a spay or neuter with them. You can also call Midland Animal Services at 432-685-7420 and see if you qualify for the spay/neuter voucher program to assist with the cost of the spay or neuter.

7. I need to have my pet vaccinated. Do you have vaccination clinics?

No. Again, we do not have a vet on staff at the sanctuary. Midland Animal Services periodically holds vaccination clinics, and you can contact them at 432-685-7420 to ask about future dates of the shot clinics. You can also check our Facebook page, as we post time and date information once we are notified of upcoming clinics.

8. I need to get my pet microchipped. Do you do this at your shelter?

Yes! We can microchip your cat or dog any day between 1-5pm, with the exception of Thursdays as we are closed. The cost is $25, which includes the microchip and registration. The process is very quick and easy. It is a simple injection to implant the microchip, along with a few minutes to fill out the registration paperwork.


9. I am going out of town and need to have my pet boarded. Can I board them with you?


No, we do not board animals. You can call one of the many boarding facilities in Midland to find out more information. You should check out Paws and Play Pet Resort in Midland, TX. Also, many local veterinarians board animals for their clients, so you might check with your vet as well.


10. My animal is sick or injured, but my vet's office is already closed. What can I do?


There are two local emergency animal hospitals. Their contact information is listed below:


Legacy Animal Emergency

2304 W. Wadley Ave

Midland, Texas



West Texas Emergency Veterinary Clinic

601 N Grandview 

Odessa, Texas



11. I would like to make a donation to your sanctuary. How do I do that? Do you have specific items you need?


We would love that! We accept any and all donations. You can make a financial donation through PayPal. You can also go to our amazon wish list and purchase needed items that will be sent directly to the sanctuary. You can also check out our donations page under the Help Lone Star tab for more information.


12. I know of an animal in an abusive home or situation. Who do I contact to help them?


If you are in the city limits you can contact Midland Animal Services at 432-685-7420. If you are in the county you need to contact the Sheriff's office at 432-688-4600.


13. I am interested in adopting an animal from you. What are your requirements?


First, we require that everyone living in the home, including kids, grandparents, siblings, etc., meet the animal.  (If you are adopting a dog, we require dog introductions as well!) You must also live within 45 miles of our sanctuary to adopt from Lone Star Sanctuary for Animals. We also must speak to your landlord if you rent your home or apartment to make sure the animal you are adopting meets the guidelines on your pet policy. Certain animals have special needs and will require a home visit prior to adoption. If you are wanting to adopt a puppy or kitten that has not yet been spayed or neutered you MUST live in Midland County. This is a city ordinance and we cannot make any exceptions to this rule. If you live outside Midland County you are welcome to adopt any of our animals that are already spayed or neutered. The adoption donation is $100, which includes the spay or neuter, vaccinations and microchip with registration.

Check out our Adoption Requirements page for more information.


14. My company would like to host an adoption event for your sanctuary. How do we go about doing this?


Contact Karen at 432-683-7387. She will gather information about the event and speak to you about scheduling.


15. I need to do Community Service Hours. Can I do them at your shelter?


Yes! We allow community service 7 days a week from 8:00am - 11:30am. Volunteers must arrive 5 minutes before 8:00am. (on Saturday you will be let in at 9). Be sure to bring your paperwork with you, and wear something that you do not mind getting dirty. Check out our Community Service page for more information.


16. Where are you located?


We are located at 4200 N Fairgrounds Road. We are 3/10 mile south of Loop 250 off Fairgrounds Road, across from Hogan Golf Course. Between Alldredge Gardens and Loop 250.
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