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A Day In The Life Of A Shelter Pet

8:00 AM 

Good morning! The kennels are busy and loud with all our dogs barking their “good morning” greetings! The cats are ready to roam around the cat room! They are excited to see us—and anxious for feeding time!

8:10 AM  

Feeding time! All the dogs and cats food is specifically measured out—not too much, not too little, but just the right amount!


8:30 AM

Time for vet visits! Different days of the week we schedule our animals for spaying/neutering, teeth cleaning, grooming and any other necessary appointments. Off they go!


9:00 AM

Kennels are being cleaned and the animals get clean bowls with fresh water! All the dogs are in the fields for their morning runs and the cats are busy bossing each other around in the cat room!

10:30 AM

Medication time for our special needs and sick animals. We also make sure to clean up again!


11:30 AM

Time for the humans to get lunch!


12:30 PM

Clean-up time again! Refill water buckets, scoop, and tidy up before we open...the dogs and cats are ready to see some humans and get adopted to loving homes.

1:00 PM

Time to be on our best behavior! This is when the sanctuary opens up to visitors (Except on Thursdays). It's our time to shine for potential adopters.


3:30 PM

Time to eat dinner! Our dog and cat specialists come around with fresh food for our supper, so of course that means it's time to say "thank you" as loudly as possible!


4:00 PM

Time for another cleaning! Our humans scoop up our kennels and litter boxes one more time. They bring fresh blankets if it's chilly, and fresh water for every kennel.


4:30 PM

Time to start closing down. Every dog or cat who needs medicine is taken care of, and  everyone who is out playing is brought in for the evening. Dont forget our good-night kisses!


5:00 PM

Time to say goodnight! We will all be back tomorrow!

All this takes place with 4-6 employees, according to the day. Not only do we spend all day with the animals, but we take care of paperwork, medical treatments, bathing, showing animals to potential adopters, yard work, cleaning, and numerous other projects. It takes a lot to keep the shelter going, and we rely not only on donations of money and other items, but also donations of your time!


Please visit our donation page if you are interested in donating to the shelter,

and please visit our volunteer page if you are interested in volunteering!

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