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Adoption Process
The adoption process begins with a visit to Lone Star Sanctuary for Animals. Come see all the friendly animals faces, and see if there is anyone you would like for your family to meet.
We do not hold or reserve animals, and we do not maintain adoption "Wish-Lists." If you are looking for a specific type of dog or cat, please feel free to visit often, or check out our Adoptable Animals page to see who is available in residence.
Then bring the whole household down for a Meet-And-Greet with the animal you are considering adopting. If you are adopting a dog and there are other dogs in the home, we do require a dog-introduction prior to adoption. These Meet-And-Greets take place at our sanctuary. Our caretakers are very experienced and can assist with introductions every day (except Thursdays) between 1 and 4:30 PM.

Certain animals will require a yard-and-fence-check. If the animal you are wanting to adopt does require a check, it will be scheduled with one of our caretakers. The animal may not go home until the home check is complete. We are usually able to schedule home checks within 24 to 48 hours.

We have an adoption application, which must be completed at the time of adoption, and there is a mandatory 24-hour consideration hold to be completed after the application
is filed. This gives the adopting family time to reconsider their decision to adopt a pet, and it gives shelter staff time to review the application and organize files.
If everything checks out, then we have a $100.00 standard adoption donation, and once that is completed, your new family member is ready to go home with you.

In the event an adoption does not work out, applicants must agree to return the animal back to Lone Star Sanctuary rather than re-homing the animal themselves.
Adoption Requirements
Adoptable Animals
Adoption Programs
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