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Adoption Requirements
Lone Star Sanctuary for Animals is a privately owned 501(c)(3) non-profit animal-welfare organization. Our animals' well-being is our first priority. We reserve the right to reject any adoption application.
Requirements to adopt:
  • You must be 21 years of age or older.
  • The legal adopter must complete the application. We do not adopt animals as Gifts, as Surprises, or by Proxy.
  • Your entire household (including children and dogs) must come to Lone Star Sanctuary for a supervised Meet-And-Greet with the animal you would like to adopt.
  • A mandatory 24-hour "consideration period" must precede every adoption.
  • Adopted dogs must have access to an adequate, fenced-in yard.
  • Cats must be adopted as indoor pets.
  • Large-breed dogs require a house with a private, fenced-in yard; and may not be adopted into apartments or moble-homes.
  • If you rent, you must provide a copy of your lease agreement stating that pets are allowed, and you must provide proof that all applicable pet deposits have been paid.
  • You must provide proof of address to adopt a young cat before spay/neuter, and you must return the cat to Lone Star Sanctuary for Animals for its spay/neuter appointment.
  • Lone Star Sanctuary for Animals is unable to adopt outside the Midland - Odessa - Big Spring area, due to our logistical capabilities.
  • You must agree to provide regular veterinary care for the animal and keep it up to date on vaccinations and registration.
  • An adoption donation of $100.00 is required for each animal, unless that animal or the adopter qualifies for one of our special adoption programs.
Please call the shelter at 432-683-7387 for any questions you have regarding our adoption process. 
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